Business Intelligence Process Management

Beat ingrained system inefficiencies with architected integration services

Mergers and acquisitions. Downsizing. Explosive growth. Proprietary and legacy systems. Do these IT life facts result in duplication of work and manual, time-consuming workarounds for your employees?

Fight back and win the productivity battle with Wonder Pod BPM consulting services. Our experienced engineers work with your team to evaluate business needs, assess the state of disparate ecosystems and identify areas for integration. We take a structured approach, employing proven service-oriented architecture and service integration methodologies.

We start with a benchmark and maturity assessment. We then develop an SOA strategy and roadmap that addresses mergers and acquisitions, middleware and mainframe modernization, and ERP integration and systems obsolescence. Wonder Pod also tackles the complex integration jobs. We design and select the right tools and frameworks of our own to integrate backend systems with newer front-end interfaces such as web portals and dashboards.


The system is designed to work with your business. All procedures will be build to maximize your efficiencies and be at the pulse of your business.