Businesses are beginning to adapt mobile as a platform to do business. Responsive mobile and apps have set a direction for accessibility to inspire economic growth. With the smartphone generation means businesses in most sectors need to offer customers mobile services. Right now it has grown to the next level, the adoption of bring your own device programme also means mobile strategies must cover internal as well as customer activities.

Create roadmaps and manage core IT processes are key to establish full enterprise user experience. This step in the process involves defining what data is needed to satisfy the requirements for the list of mobile applications that you are building.

This is an important step because this will determine what backend systems your suite of mobile applications are required to access.

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There are several stage of delivery to users.

  • Suppliers/business partners — also referred to as B2B users.
  • Employees — also referred to as B2E users.
  • Customers — also referred to as B2C users.


Developing an effective mobile strategy makes you think about getting new customers that you have not targeted earlier and new way of working and managing mobile workers.